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What do we cover?

Each club session covers one of these key areas that are
all direct contributors to fulfilled life & work.


Proven Programme

The High-Performance Programme of 10 sessions, each with a specific theme, is highly effective and has a 9.7/10 customer satisfaction rating.


Start Any Time

Each theme is research-backed to be needed for achieving high-performance, so you can join any time and rest assured that you're not missing anything.


Amazing Value

Gain access to the same programme used in 1:1 high-performance coaching at a fraction of the investment.

Starting at just €2 a day in case of an annual membership.

Concrete & Actionable

Each session covers the concrete and actionable techniques and habits strongly correlated with high-performance.

Live Coaching

Each session has 2-3 spots for live-coaching through high-performance themes.

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Your Guide & Coach:
Georg Fasching

 In my teens when having out with friends I coined the term MCS, standing for "Most Comfortable Situation". What do we need to prep, so that we can have the best hangout together?

Whether during my Product Management career, or my independent Product Development Coaching path, systems for excellence and best results have been my passion.

I'd be honoured and privileged to share what I learned and get to boost your life and work.